• Lee Vintin

    Head Chef, Devonshire Arms Handleyā€¸

    I have been a Chef for a few years now and have worked with many butchers. I now use Andrews and I can honestly say he is head and shoulders above the rest. The quality of the meat is excellent across the range. As Andy is a Carcus butcher the constancy of his beef and lamb makes my job easier. He tailors his butchery to my requirements. He will search out new meats or local suppliers as required. He's the Butcher on the side of the Chef. If your a restaurant or just wanting better meat talk to him and I know you won't be disappointed.

  • Doug Agar

    Loyal Customer

    The best butchers this side of Watford Gap, never tasted meat as tender and great service keep it up Andy.

  • Pete Morgan

    Loyal Customer from Chesterfield

    "I've tried a wide range of produce from traditional butchers including some of the most well known but I can honestly say that I have never tasted better than I've bought from Andy Birks' Rotherham shop... Proper bacon that fries, not boils in excess water, fantastic steaks and beef joints and great homemade pies - and all at very reasonable prices. No wonder Sheffield's top restaurant get their meat from him.

  • Nick Atkinson

    Loyal Customer

    Andrews butchers is a fantastic shop. Brilliant selection of products including hot and cold award winning pies and pork sandwiches as well as all the meat! They have never not had what i needed. Great service, friendly and incredibly helpful staff. They even give me expert advice on how best to cook specific cuts of meat! The meat is no more expensive than the super market and is so much better quality its unreal. I would say you cant really understand the difference in quality unless you have tried it for yourself. If you like amazing food for good prices you HAVE to try this shop!

  • Diana Edwards

    Bjorn Again

    Being in the entertainment business touring around the Uk,we rely on catering backstage at our concerts. Our usual contacts let us down and so we used a local company who used local products from "Birks Butchers" I have to say myself and the band loved all the meat they supplied. Mouth watering,succulent cuts of meat and extremely good quality. When we do our UK Spring tour next year we will insist on using Birks again! Thankyou again Guys and see you next year.

  • Anne

    Loyal Customer from Sheffield

    I am a regular customer of Andrew's Butchers and cannot recommend his produce highly enough. He provides top quality meat at a reasonable price. I am never disappointed as I have been with meat from the Supermarket in the past. The pork pies are to die for! Definitely worthy of five stars!