• Beef
    All of our carcass butchered beef is UK sourced from local farmers in wortley yorkshire and of the highest quality available.

    Wortley Rump Steak £17.99/kg
    Wortley sirloin Steak £25.99/kg
    Angus 30 day Rib Eye Steak £35.00/kg
    T-Bone Steak £20.00/kg
    Tomahawk steak £20.00/kg
    Picanha steak £18.00/kg
    Fillet Steak £45.00/kg
    BBQ minute steak  Steak £12.00/kg
    Extra lean Braising Steak £9.90/kg
    Skirt Steak (bavette)£18.00/kg
    Chuck Steak £9.90/kg
    Slow Cook Flat Rib £7.99/kg
    Stewing Steak £9.90 
    Shin beef £9.90/kg
    Beef Cheek £9.90/kg
    Ox Tail £7.99/kg
    Extra Lean Casserole Steak £11.00/kg
    Minced Beef £6.99/kg
    Extra Lean Minced Beef £9.90/kg less than 5% fat
    Extra Thin Sandwich Steak 12oz Packs £11.00/kg approx. £3.99/pack
    Topside Beef Roast £12.50kg
    Rolled Sirloin Roast £25.00/kg
    Rolled Brisket Roast £9.90/kg
    Rolled Rib Beef Roast £35.00/kg
    Fore rib roast £18.00/kg aprox. £15.00 per rib
    Fore rib roast (boneless) £35.00/kg

  • Restraunts Pubs & Catering
    Our cataring side is totally seperate and prices will be different. If you need to enquire about commercial contracts and quotes, please contact Andy Birks on 07946 675 359.

  • Lamb
    All of our carcass butchered fresh lamb is out door reared in the wortley yorkshire and is of the highest quality available.

    Lamb Chops £16.99/KG
    Lamb leg Steaks £25.99/KG
    Lamb Cutlets £18.00/KG
    Barnsley chops £5.99each
    Lamb Racks £16.99/kg
    Lamb Loin Fillet (Barrel-fully trimmed)£35.00/kg
    Lamb Neck Fillet £11.00/kg
    Diced Lamb £12.99/kg
    Shoulder Lamb On The Bone £8.50/kg
    Boned And Rolled Lamb Shoulder Roast £12.00/kg
    Leg Of Lamb On The Bone Roast £10.00/kg
    Boneless Leg Lamb Roast £16.00/kg
    Breast Of Lamb ribs £7.99/kg
    Neck End Of Lamb £7.99/kg
    Minced Lamb £9.90/kg
    Minted Lamb Steaks £12.99/kg
    Whole lamb rump £6.99 each
    Shank Of Lamb £12.00/kg
    Lamb shish kebab £2.49each
    diced mutton £12.00/kg
    rack of lamb £17.99/kg

  • Pork
    All of our fresh pork is out door reared localy in the UK wortley yorkshire and is of the highest quality available.

    Pork Chops £7.99/kg
    Pork Leg Steak £8.80/kg
    Pork Loin Steak £6.99/kg
    Pork Fillet (tender loin)£9.90/kg
    Pork Belly Rib £4.99/kg
    Pork Loin (Baby Back) Ribs £7.99/kg
    Pork Belly £4.99/kg
    Pork Hock £1.89 each
    Pork Loin Roast (Bone In) £5.99/kg
    Pork Loin Roast (Boneless) £7.00/kg
    Pork Leg Roast (Bone In) £3.00/kg
    Pork Leg Roast (Boneless) £5.50/kg
    Pork Shoulder Roast (bone in) £3.00/kg
    Pork Shoulder Roast (boneless) £3.99/kg
    Pork Neck fillet £6.99/kg
    Minced Pork £3.99/kg
    Friuty Chilli Pork Shish £1.99 each
    Chinese Pork Ribs £5.99/kg
    Smokey BBQ Pork Ribs £5.99/kg
    Whole Pork Rump £5.99 each
    Stuffed Pork Fillet (onion pepper - pepper paste) £9.90/kg

  • Venison
    All of our venison is wild scottish forrestry commision.

    Venison Haunch Steak 2 for £7.99
    Venison Loin Steak £37.50/kg
    Venison Saddle £22.00/kg
    Venison Haunch Roast (Boneless) £18.00/kg
    Venison Haunch Roast (Bone In) £12.99/kg
    Diced Venison £11.00/kg
    Venison Mince £11.00/kg
    Venison Shoulder £7.99/kg

  • Sausage
    All of our sausage is carefully hand prepared on the premises using only fresh UK sourced natural ingredients.

    Award Winning Millers Special £8.99/kg (thick or thin)
    Tomato Sausage £8.99/kg (thick or thin)
    Venison Sausage £9.90/kg
    Sausage Meat £2.99/500g
    Glutton Free Pork Sausage £8.99/kg
    Boerowors (south African BBQ sausage) £9.90/kg
    Lincolnshire Sausage £8.99/kg
    Welsh Dragon (chilli and leak) £8.99/kg
    Pork Chipalatas £8.99/kg
    Cumberland Sausage £8.99/kg
    Smoked Chilli & Maple Sausage £8.99/kg
    Wild Boar Sausage £11.00/kg

  • Fish
    All of our fresh fish is obtained from sustainable sources. Prices can be volatile. If you need some thing you dont see on this list please contact us - we can get anything within a day or two.

    Fresh Cod Fillet £21.00/kg
    Fresh Salmon Fillet £27.00/kg
    Fresh Sea Bass Fillet £21.00/kg
    Fresh Haddock Fillet £18.00/kg
    Fresh Rainbow Trout Fillet £16.00/kg
    Fresh Finnan Haddock (smoked) £18.00/kg
    Sword Fish Steaks £3.99each
    Fresh King Scallops £55.00/kg
    Fresh Tiger Prawns £22.00/kg
    Halibut Steak £55.00/kg
    Hake Fillets £25.00/kg
    Monk Fish Tail Fillets £25.00/kg
    Turbut (price on enquiry)
    Frozen Prawns (shell off) £18.00/kg
    Dressed crabs £6.99 each
    Chilli Orange Salmon Fillet £27.00/kg
    Thai Cod Fillet £21.00/kg
    Mixed Fish Skewers £2.69 each
    Tuna Steaks 200g £3.99 each
    Lobster Tails £20 each

  • Bacon & Gammon
    All of our bacon products are dry cured and uk sourced and of an excellent standard.

    Back bacon £8.99/kg
    Smoked back bacon £8.99/kg
    Streaky bacon £7.99/kg
    Smoked streaky bacon £8.99/kg
    Gammon steak £8.80/kg
    Gammon joints (boneless leg) £6.99/kg
    gammon joints (boneless loin ideal for smaller roasts) £6.59/kg
    Bacon chops £6.59/kg
    Ham shanks £3.99each
    Catering bacon packs 2.2kg  £6.99/kg

  • Poultry
    All of our poultry is UK sourced from ethically checked producers.

    Ford valley free range valley Turkeys £9.90/kg
    Boneless free range turkey crowns £8.99/kg;
    Fresh capons(large roaster)£8.49/kg
    Free range geese £13.00/kg
    Balentine (bird in a bird roast) quote given on enquiery
    Fresh english chicken breast fillets £8.99/kg
    Fresh english b/l  chicken thigh fillets £6.99/kg
    bone in oyster thighs £5.99/kg
    Fresh englishchicken legs 4 for 3.99
    Fresh chicken drumsticks£4.50/kg
    Fresh english chicken breasts bone in£7.99/kg
    Fresh english chicken supremes(skin on) £1.80each
    Whole north yorkshire chicken £4.50/kg
    Stuffed chicken breast (creamed mushroom garlic) £3.99each
    Stuffed chicken breast (goats cheese challots tomato £3.99each
    hunters chicken- bbq sauce bacon cheese £3.99 each
    free range fresh duck £9.90
    Whole duck £6.99/kg
    Duck breasts £21.00/kg
    Duck legs £7.99/kg
    Chicken liver £4.50/kg
    Duck liver £6.59/kg
    Diced chicken £8.99/kg

  • BBQ Selection
    Follow us on Facebook for daily specials. Delivery is free when spending £40 or over.

    Shish & Grills
    Mediterranean Lamb Shish £2.49 Each
    Gammon honey mustard pinapple skewers £1.99 each
    Chicken Chorizo Shish £1.99 Each
    Beef Rump Sea Salt And Lampong Pepper Shish £2.49 Each
    Pork Sweet Chilli Shish £1.99Each
    Mixed fish skewers £2.69 each 
    Minty Lamb Grills £1 Each

    Hand Made Burgers
    Home Made 100% Beef Burger £1.00 Each
    Lamb Mint Burger 6 for £7.99
    Beef Chilli Burger 6.for £6.99
    Venison Burger 6 for £8.99
    Pork And Herb Burger 6 for £4.99
    Lamb mergues burger 6 for £7.99
    Canadian burger (emantel - portabelo mush) 6 for £7.99
    Morrocan lamb burger 6 for £7.99

    Seasoned Meat
    Minty lamb steaks £12.99/kg
    minty lamb chops £16.99/k
    Chinese pork loin steak £6.99/kg
    BBQ pork loin  steaks £6.989/kg
    Peppered pork loin steaks £6.99/kg

    Home-Made Award-Winning Sausages
    Millers Special (Pork Cracked Black Pepper) £8.99/kg
    Lincolnshire £8.99/kg
    Chicken Piri Piri £8.99/kg
    Our Famous Pork And Tomato £8.99/kg
    Venison Sausage £11.00/kg
    Boerewors (Shop Made To Our Own Recipe) £112.00/kg
    Cumberland £8.99/kg
    Smoked maple and chlli £8.99/kg
    Wild boar £12.00/kg

    Ribs (Belly Or Baby Back) £5.99/Kg
    Hot And Spicy
    Salt And Pepper
    Pork Loin Steaks £6.99/Kg
    Hot And Spicy
    Salt And Pepper

    Fresh British Steak (Seasoned On Request)
    Sirloin £25.99 /Kg
    Rump £17.99/Kg
    Ribeye £35.00/Kg
    Quick Cook Bbq Steaks (sea salt black pepper garlic )£11.99/Kg
    Fillet £45.00/Kg
    tomahawk steak £20.00/kg
    T- bone £20.00/kg

    Fresh Yorkshire Chicken
    Any Flavour You Like: Piri Piri, Mint, Chinese, Pepper, Sea Salt, Black Pepper Garlic, Tandoori, Sweet Chilli, Mediterranean, Thai, Garlic etc
    Chicken Fillets £8.99/Kg
    Chicken Leg£3.99/Kg
    Thighs £6.99/Kg
    Wings £3.50/Kg

    If you can't see what you like - we've got it, just ask!

  • Game
    Mixed game pack (venison-rabbit-hare-pheasant) £11.00/kg
    Pheasant £4.99 Each
    Partridge £4.49 Each
    Wood Pigeon £3.49 Each
    Grouse - price on enquiry
    Guinea Fowl £7.99/kg
    Wild Mallard £5.99 Each
    Ostrich Steak £55.00/kg
    Kangaroo steak£18.00/kg
    Bison steak £35.00/kg
    Zebra steak price on enquiry
    Veal steak £25.00/kg
    Ostrich burgers £4.50 / pack 2
    Bison burgers £4.50/pack 2
    Kangaroo burgers £4.50/pack 2
    Crocadile burgers £4.50 /pack 2
    Venison burger £1.29 each
    Wild boar burger £3.99/ pack 2
    Wild boar steak 7.99 / pack 2

    Wild game and exotic meats can be subject to availablity

  • Hoffal
    Lamb Liver £4.99/kg
    Pigs liver £3.00/kg
    Calves liver £12.99kg
    Chicken liver £4.50/kg
    Duck liver £6.59/kg
    Pig heart / ox heart £4.50/kg
    Pig kidney £3.00/kg
    Lamb kidney 50p each

  • Cooked Meat & Pies
    All of our cooked range is prepared fresh daily on the premises and is of the highest standard. OUR PORK PIES ARE AWARD WINNIG AND ARE COOKED FRESH DAILY.
    Cooked Meats
    Fresh roast ham £1.99/100g
    Fresh roast pork £1.89 /100g
    Fresh roast turkey £1.99/100g
    Fresh roast beef £1.99/100g
    Fresh roast belly pork £1.99/100
    Ox tongue £1.89/100g
    Roast chickens (cooked only to order)£4.50/kg uncooked price
    Pork dripping £1.69
    Potted meat £3.00/tub

    Just jane mature cheddar £3.99/pack
    Yorkshire blue £3.99/pack
    Blue stilton £1.80/100g
    Red cheddar 1.20 /100g
    White cheddar 1.20/100g
    Natural butter £12.00/kg

    Meat Pies (family size)
    Steak £4.79
    Steak and kidney £4.79
    Meat and potato £4.79
    Chicken and mushroom £4.79
    chicken and ham £4.79 
    Mince and onion £4.79
    Lamb and mint £4.99 each
    Game pie (venison hare rabbit pheasant)individual size £2.99
    Individual steak pie £2.50

    Cornish £2.49
    Large sausage roll £2.50
    Tonmato sausage roll £2.50

    Award-Winning Pork Pies
    1lb £3.79
    8oz £2.20
    Stilton and cranberry £3.99
    Hunters (roast pork stuffing apple) £3.99
    Real ale pickle pie £3.99

    Pork Pie Wedding Cake (up to 3 tiers)
    Price on enquiry

    We also stock a wide range of pickles chutneys and preserves